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Vacuum SpinSwiper!

Vacuum SpinSwiper: a new and improved SpinSwiper The Vacuum SpinSwiper model will be available soon. The Vacuum SpinSwiper makes manufacturing your microparticles even easier! The template is now secured to the rotating plate via vacuum, eliminating the need for tape or other adhesion. The Vacuum SpinSwiper also has digital displays for rotation speed and vacuum, so that microparticles can be produced with more consistency, improving batch to batch reproducibility.

Vacuum SpinswiperVacuum SpinSwiper Front View
Vacuum Spinswiper another view
Vacuum SpinSwiper Rear View

What is SpinSwiper?

swiping machine drawing

SpinSwiper makes large quantities of microparticles for drug delivery.

Developed by Akina, Inc. to make drug eluting, controlled release microparticles (sometimes called "microspheres") out of polymers such as PLGA.

What does it do?


SpinSwiper speeds production of microparticles.

Its crossarm holds a “blade” that feeds solution to a rotating template of micro-wells present in the poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) template.

What is a PVA template?


The PVA template is about 100 µm thick and has numerous micro-wells with a diameter of 50 µm.

PVA ProtocolPDF

How do you collect microparticles?

filled templates

After microparticles are hardened the PVA template is dissolved in water to free the microparticles for collection.


Demo by Sarah Skidmore runs 1:20

Watch this video with a larger image or view still pictures.

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SpinSwiper currently unavailable for sale.


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